Real names Masaaba Ronnie. Straight of Kitintale aka Kitints where he was born and raised and learned the most part of the hustle life at. Way back in time, he was inspired by rap music and South African music and musicians and this fed his desire to be apart of the spot light and to […]


Real names: Leku Daniel. He is the original founder of G-2 Complex, started way back in 2008 while he was in high school as a freestyle rap group with RODO and Complex and a few other members. “We used to link up in class during lunch breaks and craft beats using the desks and tables […]

G-2 Complex

Started in 2006 and the rest is history. Recording Studio, Urban Music outfit. Production Solution based in Uganda, Kampala, Mbuya.


Singer, vocalist and songwriter at G-2 Complex. Real names; Neliah Kaniime. The youngest and currently only female member of G-2 Complex. She started her music career at high school, miming known hit songs. A quote from her “I draw most of my inspiration from my mom who is a very hard working woman. She is […]


Anonymous with the Denotative meaning of someone who is actually Not known is a True reflection of Binen Rogers , he prefers to be called that stating he has too much yet people actually do not know the half of him. He also sometimes goes by the name Raz as music is a Transformation where you keep […]

Bon B.

Rapper and alternative hip hop artist at G-2 Complex. Real names; Biyunga Boniface. Was raised in kitints, home of the best Rolex. Inspired by a wide range of literature and music from African tradition and basic life events. He reportedly reads the bible for knowledge and draws most of his creative and writing inspiration from […]


Ugandan. Rapper, Beat maker, poet and writer. Nuveyshawn is a Ugandan based rapper, Poet and song writer who has shared a stage with Angela Katatumba and Keko Town once at a British council sponsored climate Change Campaign that took place in 2011 at St kizito s.s Bugolobi where he studied as well. He was a student […]