Released September 16

This song was inspired by NuveyShawn’s good mood one Saturday evening and it then became an inspirational G-2 Complex collaboration of the inspired NuveyShawn, Neliah (sweetest vocals ever) and Mento-X. The song was recorded, edited and produced by Mento-X using an instrumental from the so loved hit song “blind to you” by Collie Buzz released in 2007.
This jam’s sole intention is to insight good feelings to listeners while taking them through a journey of three love stories in one song. Mento-X, is igniting the love spark back into his relationship with the apparently angry lover and gives her reason not to stay angry, Neliah, is loving the good vibes her man is sending her and feeling his love for her, NuveyShawn is on the other hand losing a love so he lays his heart on the table for her to see it like he sees it as her new guy talks sweet nothings to her but he won’t settle for anything less than her heart.

Download Links: – Good Love

The Tribe Ug – Good Love

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