This is the official G2 Complex records, Studio, and Media. We are proud of Ugandan art and craft in Music and thus we bring you Ugandan bred and born talent. G2 is a complex of thoughts and ideas that are highly embodied in the music that the artists signed to the label pen down or freestyle out each and every day.

It is a Kampala based Studio as well which is much governed by Hip Hop Music and other sounds that well fuse with rap. Though production in other genres is also much welcome since it boasts of a founding producer Mento-X and a support producer at the studio NuveySHAWN. the two are also rappers and together they make up the full team of hip hop artists under the label, which include AnonyMOUS, GoldDust, Rodo, BonB.

When it comes to fusing genres, Bishop who is a rocker, singer and vocalist joins the rappers to blend the music. Thus completing the equation of Urban Music.

its g2 complex raise yo hand to the sunset

takin rappers down to the caskate—- Annonymous


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