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G-2 Complex is an entertainment company with a hub of multi talented individuals ranging from music industry talents like performers, music writers, producers, sound engineers to movie industry talents like script writers, actors, videographers, movie directors to mention but a few.

Below is a short line up of some of the full time G-2 members.

Nuveyshawn is a Ugandan based rapper, Poet and song writer.

He is purely Ugandan born, born AYELLA ROBERT in Mengo Hospital, Kampala, Uganda and grew up in Luzira and Bbinna , Mutungo. Started singing as early as 4years and started Freestyling in 2007 as a way to express growth and breakaway from vices. Rap became part of him which he admits on Track one off his Mixtape ‘The SunSet n’Counter’ named TSN/NuveyCreed “started rapping in 2007 n rap became ma emblem.”
He is currently a part of the recording studio and outfit G-2 Complex, he over looks their on line activity and he is an in house creative writer, rapper, poet, film director. He is a part time beat maker.
Besides music he writes for NuveyLive.org an on line hip hop and poetry blog and he is the founder. He engages in podcasting, bloging about hip hop, webdesign, graphic and editing.

Neliah, full name Kansiime Neliah. is a music singer/ song writer, performer and actress with a raw passion for what she does. She is very adaptable to any music genre and her abilities have seen her doing several collabos with different artists like Nuveyshawn, Mento-x and many others. Her amazing stage presence has her currently contracted to work with several live bands and many more keep knocking on our door for her talents. My best description of her would be a jolly, down to earth personality and always wearing a smile on her face no matter what.

Mento-X, real names Mugarura Denis Robinson, is a rapper, singer/ song writer, beat maker, music producer, sound engineer, actor and the list goes on. He has always loved music since childhood with his very first stage performances as a dance act at the age of four years in nursery school. He never stopped performing and carried on through primary school as a dancer and later in his teenage years branched off into music, with a keen interest in hiphop/ rap. He writes music for so many kinds of music genres including hiphop, dancehall, gospel, contemporary music to mention but a few. He is currently part of the G-2 Complex outfit and is taking on several roles in the company ranging from music production to management.

Anonymous, was destined to have music manifest at some point in his life as he spent most of his childhood writing music and rapping with his major inspirations being Nas, Methord man, Jay Z, later J cole, and many other rap industry legends. He is a lover of old school rap and its no wonder he constantly held high school class room, prep mini performances while rapping rhymes from artists like Nas, P Diddy’s “I dont wanna know” back at st. Lawrence during prep black outs before the generator was bought. With common slogans like “first play it” of his killer verse in H-Bomb, a track by Nuveyshawn and gold dust Anonymous has become a darling to those who over real rap with a message and meaningful content to the lyrics and it is not wrong to predict that he will soon become a household name as he has grown over time to perfect his rap skills. He is currently venturing into music production, and is also taking up a few other roles in the G-2 Complex outfit including management.

Pha$e, real names Abuyo John, born on 14th December 1993 and also sometimes known as “The Phase kid” is a Ugandan rapper, record producer from K.S.L, an acronym for Kakira Sugar Limited where he was born, in eastern Uganda Jinja. He was born to Amou Jerome and Amou Magaret and is the fifth of six siblings. Phase discovered rap at the age of 15, but at the time he claims he only listened to a few of his favorite like Jay Z, lil Wayne and Kanye west. He once said he did not really like rap but was always persuaded by his older brother to write poems and listen to a lot of music mostly school rap, jazz, soul and blues till he finally got interested and started putting in the work. By the age of 17 he had gotten familiar with writing and he recorded his first song, “a prayer” which received a lot of negative criticism from his peers saying it was whack but despite that he went on to record his next song called “my life” which received great reviews. He released a collection of songs later in a project called “Pha$e unresolved” (un mastered) which did not get much air play. He then worked on a mixtape called “Highly Frustrated” with Nase Avatar (producer) and was released in 2017. He is a music producer in the making and a beat maker majoring heavily in samples with alot of inspiration from Dr dre, Dj primo, mixed by Ali, Elite, J cole, 9th Wonder, swizz beats, just blazze and the mighty Timberland.

Bishop, real name Njumba Joshua is a one of a kind singer/ song writer with prolific guitar skills and when he gets into singing while playing his guitar, it is just magical. He hails from Bugolobi and is known by the locals there as “Bishop Khali”. He is all about music and if he is not eating or sleeping, he is singing or playing his guitar. He has a very unique style of writing music that is very soulful and he brings out the emotions by his sometimes unusual word choice which is nothing like what you get when you listen to generic POP music, it almost feels like therapy when you listen to him. He has very deep emotional insight that comes to life when he sings. He is very versatile and can do almost any kind of music including, surprisingly, rap music but he prefers his soulful, contemporary style of music. Besides music he is also involved in some managerial roles at the company.

Rizzy, real names Masaba Ronnie, is a young brilliant creative mind. With his great visual eye and prolific photography and videography skills, he is the mind behind G-2 Complex’s visual image and visual content. He is a professional movie director and script writer and has a very good professional track record working in the field. He can turn any thing into something when he is holding his camera. He is also part of the G-2 Complex management team and always likes to see things through. I called him literally five minutes ago before writing this and he told me he is expecting to become a father in the next few hours so I would also like to wish him all the best and that all goes well at the hospital, may God bless his family with a bouncing baby girl, I was told its a girl, I can only imagine how he is feeling right now.

Gold dust, real names Kidega Isaac, is a hustler from Kitintale. He started rap with Anonymous way back in high school, he met Mento-X and Leku Daniel (DONE) and worked on AK 47 at the time and also did a song with Mento-X, then I am out. He draws his inspiration from 50 Cent and G-Unit and it is always apparent in his writing style and choice of wording. He is also a business man and entrepreneur owning a wine company that makes the best wine I have ever tasted, you will need to try HEART OF GOLO to understand how rich in flavor and innovative it is. He invented the cocktail by himself and it is one of a kind and is soon becoming a house hold name.

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