G-2 Complex Entertainment is an umbrella company with very many branches within it, all specializing in different areas of the entertainment industry. Our areas of operation range from commercial music, arts, contemporary works, films and documentary works, advertisements, creative writing like scripts, poems to mention but a few. The company is well staffed to offer a wide range of services to a wide range of customers.

Some of the services offered include;


We have a well equipped music recording studio that will guarantee more than industry standard quality work. We welcome all artists to come try out the studio and we guarantee you will not want to leave, because our rates are so unrealistically low for the quality of work you can get out of working with us. We also welcome external producers looking for a place to call their home studio to work with us with our flexible working arrangements. An external producer can bring in their artists and work at studio for as long as they would like to, for pocket coins worth of expenses.


We offer video coverage and photo shoot works at very affordable rates. With our very flexible team, we can offer good quality work at rates below the current film industry market rates. We do music videos, wedding coverage, documentaries, films as well with an expandable team comprising of experienced people and we can even outsource some of the experience and labor if found necessary depending on the tasks, without any extra charges on the client.


We have a large team of musicians and writers who can offer music, script and film writing services including speech writing.


We also offer live band and performance services for weddings, functions and all other types of occasions.

Our offered services are so many that I have decided not to continue boring you with these long texts, also because I am kind of hungry right now. Please contact us for any inquiries on; 0706394949,, or via our social media platforms


G-2 Complex is an entertainment company with a hub of multi talented individuals ranging from music industry talents like performers, music writers, producers, sound engineers to movie industry talents like script writers, actors, video graphers, movie directors to mention but a few.


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